Election Day is almost here! But this year - voting will be different than ever before in the 25th District.

Due to a special election for Congress, there will be two elections to the same office on the same day. 

25th Congressional District, Regular Primary Election

25th Congressional District, Special Election

You will have to vote TWICE for Congress on the same ballot, once for the special election AND once for the regularly scheduled primary election. When voting for Christy Smith, make sure you vote in both spots!

Here's How to Find Christy on your ballot:


Changes to LA County Elections

The 25th Congressional District contains portions of Ventura County and Los Angeles County. In LA County, voting will be different in 2020 than ever before, especially if you vote in person.


Voting Centers

Instead of having one polling location that you are assigned to, newly-designed vote centers will open up in locations throughout LA County the final 11 days of the election.  You will be able to vote at any vote center anywhere in LA County. Check back to this website in the coming days and weeks and we will post all vote center locations - as well as which ones are in the district - when this information becomes available.

How Voting Centers Will Work

Poll Pass

By visiting ISB.Lavote.net, you can mark your ballot from your phone, laptop, or other personal device. Your sample ballot will become available on the ISB.Lavote.net site in the coming weeks to be sure to check back soon. ISB.Lavote.net will provide you a QR code that you can bring to any vote center to automatically enter in your ballot selections.

Voting Machines

The new voting machines at vote centers will look like the image below and will only display four names per page. Depending on where you live, Christy Smith may be on the second page, so you will need to click the arrow to vote for her.


Check out the locations for LA County's new voting centers here.

Register to Vote

Not registered to vote or recently moved to the 25th district? If you or a family members need to register, simply visit the link below. 


If you aren't registered by the time you go vote, no need to worry. LA County's voting centers now allow for same-day voter registration. 


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